Diary of Dorkius Maximus

Dorkius Maximus is a young boy growing up in ancient Rome. This hilarious diary recounts his exploits as, desperate to become a great Roman hero, Dorkius enlists the help of his father’s friend, Stoutus, to teach him the noble art of fighting. But heroism doesn’t come naturally to Dorkius. Plus, his dad doesn’t listen to him, his friends pick on him, and his mom is more interested in her sacred chickens. Dorkius knows there’s a mighty warrior inside him, just waiting to get out—isn’t there?

This book was an instant success in our home. It is both educational and a lot of fun. We read the Dutch version, they did a great job translating all jokes in the drawings too. Your children can learn much on the ancient Roman way of life, not only on public bath houses, food and drinks, but also on Roman democracy and treatment of slaves. Our son read parts aloud to me and has re-read the book several times. An absolute recommendation!

Diary of Dorkius Maximus review

My seven year old had not read the Diary of a Wimpy Vampire series by the same author. I am sure he will love those too. Perhaps when we are going for a vampire adventure tour to Transylvania someday… ?

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