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What is your favorite flag? I am not quite sure, but our son is sure of his choice: Montenegro’s. GeoMaster Plus app’s flag game is the part he likes best. But to be honest, he plays with all features of this wonder geography game app. I can even say that – next to FIFA 14 – the Geomaster Plus app is the app most played with on our iPad. The app being both fun and educational, I can only applaud that.

Flag_of_Montenegro Geomaster Plus app review
Montenegro flag, my son’s favorite flag

I bought this app a year ago during our son’s flag obsession phase. The Geomaster Plus app has, however, turned out to be one of the lasting favorites on our tablet device. For it has so many features, children (and adults alike) can play for hours and keep learning. The app opens with a screen of the world map. You can choose from over 10 geography games, such as world capitals, European countries, US states, French departments, world seas and the ultimate test (at least, to us): Chinese provinces.

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Memorizing Chinese provinces

We often play this game together and I must say the kids are better at it than I am. Trying to memorize the location of the Chinese provinces of Henan, Hunan, Heinan, etc seems to come more easy to them than to me. When you get a location wrong, the app continues to show them until you get it right. The world capitals game is more difficult than the other games, such as world seas, French departments or flags. You have to guess the exact location, trying to pinpoint the capital at its location. This keeps the kids busy for longer than I would have imagined. It may not appeal to all kids, but if you think your offspring might enjoy this geography game, I would definitely recommend it for children aged 7 and up.

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Chinese provinces game

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Geography education disguised as a game

A full list of all games in the Geomaster Plus app can be found on the Geomaster website. At the time of writing this review, the app includes 21 geography games. The iPad version also includes an atlas, showing information on all countries such as spoken language, number of inhabitants, etc. The full version of the game for iPad (including the atlas) costs 3.99 USD in the iTunes store. The app is also available on Google Play for 0.99 USD.

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Geography education on the go

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