Geronimo Stilton – The Coliseum Con

Preparing our next holiday is as good an excuse as any to buy new books for our children. I enjoy looking for books that will appeal to them, in subject and writing style. With this Geronimo Stilton book, I thought I could not go wrong. My son (now seven years old) loves the Fantasia series. And this book is designed in a comic book style, which he enjoys reading too. But unfortunately, this book is a waste of my money.

Yes, it is about Rome. And children’s books – I feel – are a perfect way to prepare for a holiday with your family. But it is a flimsy story about the Pirate Cats who want the world to believe that it was them who designed the Coliseum. Our friend Geronimo time travels to Rome AD 80 to prevent these evil cats from stealing the show at the Coliseum’s grand opening. My son read the book from cover to cover in under an hour. Me: “Did you like it?” Him: “Meh.”

In short, there are better choices when you are looking for children’s books on Rome and its history. But if you would like to try and do not mind the Dutch version, you can get our version for free…

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