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I was happy to see that there are more apps available on food and cooking for children than the ever-present Sara’s Cooking Class. Jojo’s kitchen in Italia app is one of my favorites. Are you looking for an Italian food app for children to educate your offspring on world food or prepare them for a family holiday in Italy? Then give Jojo’s kitchen in Italia a try.

Jojo is a scruffy cook from Pisa, who desperately needs some help in preparing a caprese salad, a spaghetti meal and a dessert. His kitchen is not very clean, neither are his clothes. He enjoys making a mess in his kitchen, and does not mind if you do too. The app is easy to use and understand for children aged five and up. Mine are up in stitches when Jojo burps, eats the tomatoes instead of slicing them and ultimately throws his kitchen utensils around.

Fair enough, they will not really learn how to cook spaghetti, this app is more fun than educational. On the other hand, it is well-designed, with cute details and does not tire easily. Preparing the food is easier for children compared to the tasks Sara’s Cooking Class makes you perform. Cutting the garlic, stirring the spaghetti sauce and finding the right tools, it is all easy to understand for kids.

Free version
You can try the free version in the App store, which offers you Jojo’s version of the caprese salad. I bought the full version for € 1,79. Jojo’s kitchen in Italia is made by a French company called Appicadabra. Their children’s apps look promising. Hopefully, we can find some more Jojo apps in their store soon. About the French kitchen perhaps?

JoJos kitchen in Italia app review

JoJos kitchen in Italia app review

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