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Are you planning on traveling to the Netherlands with your family? You can prepare them for the trip in several ways, by reading children’s books on Holland or watching videos online. But the Little Lamb in Amsterdam app might just be your best bet in letting them know what to expect when visiting the Netherlands.

Little Lamb is curious about what lies beyond the meadow she lives in. She decides to ride her bike – what else when traveling the Netherlands – and do a short tour of North- and South-Holland. Children turn the pages of the app book to follow Little Lamb on her travels. Curiously enough, Amsterdam is just one of her stops. So it’s more Little Lamb in the Netherlands. She learns about windmills in Kinderdijk, modern architecture in Rotterdam, blue and white tiles in Delft, canals in Amsterdam and much more. All in a playful design with much attention to detail.

Interactive sounds and design

My five-year old daughter reviewed the app for me. She was intrigued by all the interactive parts on the pages. She just loved that you can turn the sails of the Kinderdijk windmills yourselves. Each page has its interactive sounds and movements, such as Little Lamb riding on her bike or playing on the Scheveningen beach. The app contains 24 interactive pages. Each page contains a part of the story plus an explanation on Dutch culture and heritage. My daughter learned quickly how she could make the app read it to her in Dutch. I like the fact that the app is bilingual, each page can be made to read out loud in English and Dutch. Kids do not just learn about clogs and windmills, Little Lamb also visits the Anne Frank house, King’s Day festivities and modern architecture. Bonus is the Dutch menu where children read about Dutch pancakes and bitterballen. The app’s design and content are very attractive to both adults and children. If you are looking for a way to educate your kids on the Netherlands, this is money well spent. I hope there will be many more editions of Little Lamb traveling!

Available on iTunes and Google Play

Josh and Donna Wilson are travelers themselves. Together, they produced Little Lamb in Amsterdam, the first in their series of Tiny Tourists book apps about travel. Little Lamb in Amsterdam is available for 4.99 USD on iPhone and iPad, for 3.63 EUR on Google Play and for 6.04 USD in the Amazon app store.

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