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Borghese gardens riksha Rome with children
Cycling in Rome’s Borghese garden

I would love to be one of those people who just pack some underwear and a sweater for a two week holiday. Someone who arrives relaxed at the gate just in time before they start offloading your luggage. The kind of person who is gracefully holding all carry-on luggage for herself and her kids plus a latte macchiato to go. But unfortunately, I am not… Let me introduce myself: the neurotic packing lady and stressed out airport traveler.

Preparation pro
Chances are that you will not be traveling with me, so there’s no downside for you. On the upside, I am a preparation pro. In fact, it is one of my hobbies. I know, I *so* need to get a life. So here you go, check out some tips on preparing for your trip and where to find just the right vacation for you and your family.


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Books to help prepare your children for your vacation

How to prepare for your holiday to Italy with children


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